Why Parents Enroll their High School Kids in Online Spanish Classes, with an Online Spanish Tutor

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High school students have many goals that differ from person to person, some of the things most have in common are these :

  • Graduate with enough credits
  • Actually learn
  • Have time for have fun and do other activities
  • Graduate early


Traditional classes on campus can make achieving these things difficult, especially when it comes to a language class. Most public high schools have one teacher for every 30 students. If students are taking a class in literary criticism, they will likely get a solid foundation in the class because it is so heavily grounded in lecturers. However, language classes require a teacher to listen to pronunciation, have conversations in the target language with every individual student, and with one teacher to 30 students, this simply isn’t possible. This is why online Spanish classes and an online Spanish tutor are popular investments for parents who want to see their high school kid get ahead of the curve, and to make his or her academic life much easier, and more rewarding.

Online Spanish Classes Help Kids Learn at their Own Pace and Learning Style

All children learn differently, and some even have learning disabilities that require a special form of instruction. When taking traditional language classes, a teacher can only stick to one learning approach, and this doesn’t help everyone in class.  However, when kids are enrolled into online Spanish classes for high school credits, they are able to learn at their own pace, and within the framework of a teaching style that best meets their needs. Now students will get better grades that will stand out when they apply to college, and they will actually learn the language, as opposed to memorizing the alphabet and various sentences.

Invest in an Online Spanish Tutor

Parents invest in an online Spanish tutor for their kids who are both enrolled in traditional on-campus classes, and when kids take online Spanish classes. Regardless of the class type, an online Spanish tutor is helpful if they have the following attributes:


  • Native speaker who knows the right dialect (Spain, Mexico, etc)
  • Schedule hours around the student’s availability 
  • Can identify learning styles and adapt instruction as necessary
  • Focuses on conversational skills
  • Engages students face-to-face, in real-time 


When looking for an online Spanish tutor, make sure they abide by the above points to ensure you have made the best investment possible for your children. 

Kids can Schedule Online Spanish Classes and an Online Spanish Tutor Based on their Time

High school kids have a busy life: homework, family responsibilities sports, school clubs, volunteer work, dating, and family obligations. So being able to take online Spanish classes at a time that’s ideal for their schedule, and being able to have sessions with an online Spanish tutor when it’s convenient for the student, will put less stress on their back and give them more time and energy to excel at everything they are doing across the board. Whether your child arranges to take online Spanish classes at 630AM before going to school, and work with an online Spanish tutor at 8PM after football practice, the scheduling should be based on their availability. 

A Spanish Tutor Makes Students Ready to Have Meaningful Connections

Is your child’s school planning a trip to Spain next year, and you signed them up for it? Are you a part of a charity that’s planning to build an orphanage in Mexico, and your son will be joining? Or perhaps the family is taking a trip to Columbia to meet extended family members for the first time, and you want your child to be fluent in Spanish to make beautiful connections. This is where an online Spanish tutor will be critical. The best online Spanish tutors out there will be native speakers in the target dialect, and work with your child to incorporate cultural awareness into their experience in learning Spanish. 

Let’s say you are taking a family trip to Columbia during the two days of Carnival that happen 47 and 48 days before Easter. The online Spanish classes will help your child master the language, while the online Spanish tutor provides that vital one-on-one attention that teaches them the Vlax Roman dialect of Spanish spoken in Columbia, within the cultural context of learning about the two days of carnival, its history, and local slang. This way the student has an enriched experience, where stronger relationships can be made, and allowing for the youngest generation to build bridges with the oldest generations.

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