Why Families Should Invest in IMG Agencies for Family Seeking the US Clinical Experience

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If you have a family member who graduated from medical school in a foreign country outside of America, and they seek the US clinical experience to further their career in medicine, then you should invest in IMG agencies to help them achieve their career goals while making life easier. This article will attempt to help educate families into learning why it is an ideal investment to send connect their loved one with IMG agencies in America to help them get the best US clinical experience.

IMG Agencies Help Medical Students Get Letters of Recommendation

Every international medical graduate seeks letters of recommendation (LORs) from hospitals to help further their career in medicine. But these spots are extremely competitive and if students don’t act fast and perform all the steps, other students can take their place and put your loved one in a position that’s not so ideal where getting ideal LORs will be difficult. When you invest in IMG agencies, experts help pair medical students with the best US clinical experience where they will get the LORs they need to advance their career.

IMG Agencies Help Medical Students Get Housing

Finding housing in the right part of town, in the desired part of the city can be very challenging, especially when they students are in a completely different country.  Some students want to live within walking distance of the hospital, where others want to live close to public transportation. Then there are some who want modern downtown spaces where all the entertainment is, and others that want to live in a quiet area with little distraction. When families invest in IMG agencies, experts can find accommodations for medical students in their desired area while eliminating all the hassle.

IMG Agencies Help Families Spend More Time with their Loved Ones

It takes a painstaking amount of time to secure medical residency, rotations, get housing, and deal with a number of other things like the required paperwork for entering the country and some minor details. When IMG agencies do all of this work for the student, they are left to spend precious time with family before leaving the country. They are freed up to take a family vacation, help get their affairs in order, make sure the rest of the family will be taken care of before leaving home, visiting friends, and performing any chores or fulfilling responsibilities around the home. 

IMG Agencies Help Pair Students with the Best Mentors

If students want to have the US clinical experience under the supervision of a specialist, IMG agencies can help place students with the best physicians. For example, If your loved one wants to enter the field of cardiology, then working with IMG agencies will help them get paired with the best cardiologists in the country. If the student’s exam scores dictate a type of medicine they can follow, then IMG agencies can listen to the student;s concerns, and make sure they are put in the best possible situation to be successful.

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