The art of cosmetic surgery

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Cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure that involves the direct manipulation of the anatomical components by the surgeon in order to improve the physical appearance of a person, in this way, the need to feel satisfied with one’s own image is resolved.

Although many people see this type of operation as something superficial, the reality is that learning to operate for aesthetic purposes, as well as achieving results in a very short time, is an art in itself, and today we are going to show you how to handle the physical components of someone is considered an art.

Reduce bodyweight without exercising as much


All people have been insecure about the weight or BMI they have because they have negative prejudices towards individuals who have more or less weight than the ideal, sometimes, who are very overweight and have not been able to achieve stability in their body mass through diet and exercise, undergo certain operations in order to have your perfect body mass index.

Such is the case of liposuction in Tijuana, a city in the state of Baja California Norte, where this operation is performed with high-quality standards. Liposuction consists of inserting a cannula under the skin of the abdomen and sucking, by means of a special vacuum cleaner, as much body fat as possible until you achieve the ideal weight.

This is one of the many ways in which cosmetic surgery can be art since as in so many samples of this interesting concept, it is required that liposuction has adequate technique and instruments to perform it correctly.

Recovering youth

The sample par excellence of the art of cosmetic surgery is the way in which you can recover the image that was had during youth through this, for example, the application of certain amounts of botulinum toxin (Botox) allows to paralyze the contraction of a certain muscle, in this way, the extension and depth of wrinkles are reduced.

Also, operations such as rhinoplasty and abdominoplasty allow the body of a person to “return” to a state prior to age or even a pregnancy, in the latter case, the procedure is called “Mommy Makeover”. This art of recovering youth is one of the examples of how much technique requires performing cosmetic surgeries that allow people to feel more confident and satisfied with their appearance.

Many retirement homes in Mexico take these aspects into account, so they offer plans for interned people who want to undergo an aesthetic operation to improve their physical appearance, this through agreements with clinics and private doctors experts in the area. These retirement homes also have all the care available to someone in recovery, which is especially helpful for these individuals.

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