Multi Device Charging Station for K-12 Schools

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In today’s current technological climate, K-12 students are approaching learning through advanced and tech-savvy mediums. Schools have introduced the use of tablets, Chromebooks, and onscreen applications to help better engage with students and produce higher test scores. Additionally, cell phones use in the school system has been shown to encourage maturity, responsibility, and safety. As a result, multi device charging stations should be introduced into school to allow students easier device use throughout the day. 

EdTech Spending

In 2018, the estimated spend on IT in K-12 schools nationwide was around $14 billion. This is due to the fact that the overwhelming majority (95%) of educators agree that digital learning has a positive impact on student success.  Whether it’s laptops, cell phones, or tablets, the applications and programs available to students are far more engaging and educational when it comes through a screen.  Additionally, allowing students digital access to programs, lessons, documents, and presentations simplifies and effectively encourages studying from home and reviewing classwork. With a budget spend that high for technological advancements in the classrooms, it’s almost a no-brainer to ensure that these devices are fully charged and ready to go when the class bell rings.  

Student & Educator Benefits from Mobile Devices

When a student is working through a mobile device, the ability of an educator to personally engage with that student increases tremendously. Classrooms can digitally check-in online for assignments and lectures. Educators can turn flashcard vocabulary or historical figure biographies into interesting games that allow students to compete against each other. Students can also personally interact through one-on-one meetings with their teachers or ask a question without alerting the rest of their classmates. Lastly, at the college and higher education level, students with experience in digital learning will already have upon their classmates as they understand how to ace online quizzes or review online feedback.  

Mobile connectivity and the use of technological education are at an all-time high and future projections look to continue this trend. The only way for these devices to continue to make a difference in the lives of students and educators is to remain at their best. This means fully charged and safely docked at a mobile device charging station. By contacting our team, we will work with you to develop a solution that best fits your school system. Additionally, feel free to download our 2020 brochure and qualify for a FREE 30-day demo of our cell phone charging stations.

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