Learn how to set a menu for a child

Conveying to null the importance of healthy eating is undoubtedly a process that can be very complicated, mainly because they are at a young age, the only thing they want from food is sweets or foods that are not healthy. Therefore, it can be a real challenge for parents to create good eating habits and implement a good eating routine. A nutrient-rich diet is essential for infants, mainly because they are at a stage of growth that requires the basic building block of nutrients.

Since structuring a suitable menu for children is somewhat complicated, in this article, we will mention some details that you should consider when making a child’s diet. Organization and commitment will be necessary for positive results. So let’s get started.

General considerations for feeding the child

Cereals – Cereals targeted at children are usually produced with high percentages of sugar, which can significantly impair their health status. Therefore, when choosing, it is better to look for those options that do not have high percentages of sweeteners or decide to make homemade cereal sweetened with honey.

Fruits- To make fruit more attractive to children, we recommend removing the peel and cutting it into small pieces to make it easier to chew. If possible, you can build figures with the fruit; this will allow children to associate the product with something delicious and fun. Try to avoid fruit that is too hard and does not give them this food in a puree.

Vegetables- Vegetables are one of the foods that children almost always try to avoid. Still, they are an essential element for their growth. By implementing this product little by little, you will be able to identify those that are to the child’s liking, the same will happen with vegetables.

Fish– Is one of the most nutrient-rich foods, so it needs to be on the infant’s menu. Try to buy those fishes that have thorns and that do not have an extreme taste; otherwise, there will be a rejection from the beginning. When purchasing this food, opt for those bluefish that are rich in omega 3.

Milk – This food is very rich in calcium, so it is essential for forming healthy bones and teeth. A low percentage of calcium can cause severe damage to the teeth, leading to the future treatment of dental braces Tijuana. We recommend you opt for natural milk without artificial flavors. If the child is lactose intolerant, opt for those that are lactose-free or for natural yogurt.

Recommendations on each food


  • It is essential to instill in the infant the importance of breakfast, so the whole family must sit down and carry out their feeding together, to monitor the child’s meal.
  • Don’t go for breakfast based on cookies or juice packs; these are very harmful. If you want juice, it is better to buy the fruit and make it, as those from packaging have a lot of sugar and artificial coloring.
  • Include some dairy products in your breakfast.


  • Do not encourage the child’s whims; all food should be the same for each family member.
  • Try to take a specific time for the meal; try not to be too late or too early.


  • Avoid foods with excess fat as it will be too heavy for the stomach to destroy the fat.
  • Dinner must be at least 9 pm.

Instilling proper nutrition in children will allow them to lead healthy lives in the future.

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